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Book Now for Blooms, Butterflies, and Bliss

Updated: Feb 29

Snag Your Spring Spectacle with Willow Wonders: Hurry, Book Now for Blooms, Butterflies, and Bliss - and don't miss out booking that special day! - by Narrowboat Day Hire!

Spring is almost with us and the canal side is alive with an array of local wildlife waking up from its winter slumber. Where better to see this explosion of life than from one of our three day-hire boats?

Brimstone Butterfly, Unsplash.

Butterfly Ballet and Birdsong Bliss: Watch as the Brimstone butterflies grace your canal route, adding a touch of magic to the air. Let the melodious tunes of chiffchaffs and tits serenade you, making your journey a symphony of nature's finest melodies.

Nature's Kaleidoscope: Hop on board to discover the kaleidoscope of blossoms and seasonal delights, turning your canal journey into a riot of colours! Keep an eye out for enchanting blooms like wild garlic, the delicate lady's smock, and the magnificent willow, creating a stunning panorama of nature's artwork.

Floral Feasts and Furry Friends: Explore the canal banks for hidden treasures like bumblebees buzzing around, completing the vibrant ecosystem. Spot baby badgers, playfully exploring their surroundings, as you cruise along the waterways.

Who doesn't love baby badgers, anyway? Photo: Vincent Van Zalinge, 2020

Willow Wonders: Cruise through picturesque landscapes adorned with blooming willow trees, creating a whimsical backdrop for your adventure.

Whimsical fronds of willow wisp. Photo: Jan Antonin Kolar

Picnic on the Water: Pack your goodies because each narrowboat is a floating feast zone! With space for 10 and a fully-equipped kitchen, enjoy a picnic while soaking up the serenity of blooming nature.

Locks, Pubs, and Sunlit Shenanigans: Set sail from our Tring base, conquer the locks, hit a charming canal-side pub, and bask in the warm camaraderie.

Don't miss the boat – book now for holidays and prime weekends!

Get ready for a bloomin' good time with family and friends! As Mother's Day, Spring break, May Bank holidays, and Father's Day approach, dive into the vibrant Spring vibes aboard a Narrowboat Day Hire.

Hurry, Secure Your Spot: Embark on a journey filled with blossoms, butterflies, willow wonders, and bliss. Snag your Spring spectacle with Narrowboat Day Hire! Hurry, book now to ensure your family gets the weekend you prefer. Let the magic of Spring unfold! 🌸⚓

Down by the canal - Photo Matt Seymour

Book your special family day, birthday Mother's or Father's day trip for 2024!

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